30 Reasons You Should Seek a Computer Science Degree Online

There are many degrees are available to pursue. This makes the decision on which degree to pursue overwhelming and difficult. Out of all the degrees you can choose from, there’s one that you should consider seriously – computer science.

Not only should you consider pursuing a computer science degree, but you should also think about doing it online. Online college has changed quite a bit over the years, and it now provides just as good of an education as attending courses on campus.

To help you with your decision, the following are 30 reasons you should seriously consider an online computer science degree.

#1: Computer Science Degree Popularity Is Increasing

Computer science degree popularity has been increasing rapidly. This should come as no surprise with all the technological advancements that have debuted over the years, and it’s not slowing down. Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), voice and gesture driven computing, automatic vehicles, and more are coming. It won’t be made possible without people who have computer science degrees, though.

#2: Big Money Right Away

The tech industry is not a low-paying one. Computer science degree holders have one of the highest starting salaries out of all majors - $60,000. This salary may be more in high-tech cities such as Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington DC and New York City.

#3: Fast Employment

After graduation, 35% of computer science students are able to get a full-time position right away. This can come as a major relief because not all people are able to find a job that quickly.

#4: High Growth Potential

The starting salary for computer science degree holders doesn’t last for long because many of them quickly become promoted. These promotions pay six figures - $100,000 to $120,000 to be exact. The average computer science graduate can hit this range within four to five years.

#5: Various Jobs

Computer science is used in many different types of jobs. For instance, people can work in manufacturing, finance, and medical industries. With technology infiltrating just about every facet of our lives, it makes sense that there are jobs almost everywhere for those who have studied computer science.

#6: Recession Proof Jobs

The recession can hit at any time and many people will lose their job. This doesn’t happen as much for people who are in computer science. Since people who study computer science can perform work on anything that relates to a computer, they will continue to be needed even when the economy isn’t doing well.

#7: Job Stability

Losing a computer science job isn’t a problem because the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the industry is expected to grow 12%-37% through 2022. This means if you join a company that shuts down, you won’t have a problem finding a new job because the industry is growing by leaps and bounds.

#8: Highly Creative

Technology can do amazing things, as you will learn and see throughout your degree program. This means that you can be creative in your job every single day. Imagine being able to start the next Facebook or Internet? These are the things that people have done in the past and there’s much more that can come out in the future – you may be the one to do it with the knowledge and skills you will learn with a computer science degree.

#9: Work Outside of Technology

You don’t have to work in technology if you graduate with a computer science degree. You can become a teacher, business owner or just about anything. What you learn in a computer science degree program will help you in any type of job because every job nowadays uses some form of technology. You will be way ahead of others because of your college education.

#10: Makes You Look Good

A computer science background makes you look good. What this means is that employers and other professionals will see you as having a great foundation of knowledge, good problem-solving skills and advanced logical thinking capability. These qualities are all marketable and can help you become extremely successful in life.

#11: Help You Do Good

Technology can make a lot of money, but it can also do good in this world with its ability to save people’s lives. You have the potential to work in a highly rewarding job someday if you pursue a degree in computer science. People with computer science degrees have been able to find cures for some of the most deadly diseases, and with new ones being discovered all the time, your work could make a difference in people’s lives.

#12: Work in a Group or Individually

Whether you like to work with others or by yourself, you can do it when you work with computers. It all depends on the job you have after you graduate. It’s good to know that you have this option as not everyone works well with others or independently.

#13: Fight Crime

While you may not have a criminal justice degree, you can still fight crime with a computer science one. Since most criminals use technology now to either commit a crime or to help them commit one, you can use your knowledge and skills to stop them in their tracks.

#14: Work Internationally

People with computer science degrees can work anywhere they would like, including big tech countries like Japan and China. This can be an incredible life experience for you and your degree choice of computer science could make that possible.

#15: You’ll Love Your Job

Job satisfaction is so important in life. It is what will make you happy, and every adult wants to find happiness. A job in computer science has a high rate of job satisfaction. This, of course, depends on many factors. However, it’s good to know that most people are happy with the work they do with computers.

#16: People Will Love You

You will receive a lot of praise from family and friends when you can show them how do anything on a computer. People will call you all the time to help them or fix their computer. While this may sound a bit aggravating, it will feel good when they sing your praises to others because you have saved them so much time and effort.

#17: It’s Available Online

You don’t have to pay thousands upon thousands of dollars to get a computer science degree. Online schools are available and they are much less expensive.

#18: You Can Make Money While You Learn

When you decide to pursue a computer science degree online, you can work as well. The classes online are flexible, so when you’re not working, you can study.

#19: Focus on What’s Important

Many people who go to a major college or university will lose focus. They get caught up in the social aspect of their higher education and their grades slip. When you choose to seek a computer science degree online, you will have a much easier time focusing on what’s important.

#20: Take Better Care of Yourself

A computer science degree program online can be followed when it’s convenient for you. This means you don’t have to wake up early for 8 AM classes. You can get the right number of hours of sleep for you and then work on your program. As long as you get the work done on time, it doesn’t matter when you do it.

#21: Avoid Driving Costs and Headaches

Even if you decide to go to a community college for a computer science degree, you will still need to drive to classes and park. Online classes mean you don’t have to drive anywhere and and you don’t have to deal with traffic and parking. You can stay in the comfort of your home.

#22: Take Care of Children

If you’re a mother or father, getting a computer science degree online makes it possible for you to achieve your education goals. You can take care of your children, and when they are napping, sleeping or busy watching cartoons, you can get work done.

#23: Avoid Debt

Since online college is much less expensive, you may be able to avoid the debt that many college students must endure when they go to college.

#24: Boost Productivity and Self-Management Skills

When you attend online college for a computer science degree, you will have to be productive and manage your time effectively. These skills will be needed your entire working life, so it’s a great time to improve them.

#25: More Choices for Courses

Since the online courses do not require a seat for you to sit in, you won’t have much trouble getting into courses. This is a huge deal because many college students complain they aren’t able to take the classes they need or want at their college because too many other students want the same ones.

#26: Less Intensive

College students are highly stressed. Statistics show that 61% of students end up in counseling offices because of stress. If you struggle with anxiety because of the stress of school, online college may be perfect for you. Since you don’t have to deal with sitting through lectures, working on group assignments, and then having to do coursework for 7 classes plus studying for exams, you’re much better able to keep your stress levels down.

#27: You Can Go to Class Anywhere

You can attend online classes just about anywhere. Choose your bed, living room couch, or even Starbucks. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can attend class or do your coursework.

#28: Meet More People

When you pursue a computer science degree online, you will be able to meet people from all around the United States. It’s true you can do that at a traditional college/university, but it’s much easier to do it when you’re behind a screen, especially if you’re shy.

#29: Connect with Professors More

Online professors are much more accessible because they are not bogged down by having to teach classes all day every day. Everything part of your program is usually done ahead of time, so the professor is available for questions and support as students need it. This can make you feel as though the professor truly cares about your success in the computer science degree program.

#30: Get It Done Faster

If you’re looking to complete a computer science program as quickly as possible, you can do it with some online programs. You can choose an accelerated program, which involves taking more classes at a time, and you can continue through the summer months. This can help you graduate sooner and start working so you can take advantage of all the other perks of having a computer science degree.

Computer Science Is a Great Degree Choice

You cannot deny that a computer science degree is a good choice. Not only will you have a job quickly after graduation and make a lot of money, but the work can be rewarding and make you happy in life. Getting to that point is easiest when you pursue a computer science degree online because it’s less expensive, more convenient, and allows you to take care of yourself while you gain valuable knowledge and skills.

When you’re trying to make the final decision, try to think about the role computers have in your life and everyone’s life. Even if sitting in front of a computer all day every day isn’t your idea of a great career, just think of all the jobs you could work that would give you a balance of using tech and doing what you really want to do. These are the reasons computer science degree popularity has increased.

Computer science degree programs don’t just prepare people to work as computer scientists. They prepare people to succeed in any job they desire.

Take a few moments now to consider all the above benefits of an online computer science degree program.