50 year Old Lost And Replicated Diploma!

This is a terrific news story we want to tell you about! A college certificate that had been lost for over 50 years was recently replicated by an internet company creating a a huge buzz on social media with hundreds expressing disbelief, shock, and some others giving excellent recommendation to the company which replicated the lost certificate.

It all started this past spring, when nearly 50 years after Mary Thea’s high school graduation, her daughter Melanie asked for a copy of mom’s old diploma for a family album she was putting together for Mary's grandchildren. The diploma had been lost! Mary tried calling her old school, but they did not supply replacement diplomas for graduates so many years back. Melanie's task to get a copy of her mom's diploma made seemed like it would be an impossible mission.

That was when Melanie stumbled on an online supplier of custom printed diplomas called diplomacompany.com. The provides novelty diplomas often sold as gag gifts but they are also used as replacement diplomas, something that her mother Mary was in need of. Melanie placed an online order that same night, answering a few questions about her mom's high school and the date of graduation which fortunately Mary remembered. Diploma Company later shipped out a complete replication of her mom's old Herbert High School diploma in less than 24 hours. They were both shocked at how fast and efficient the company was.

How accurate did that 50 year old diploma look? Well...

This is where the story takes an interesting turn. Shortly after the diploma arrived, Mary found photos of her original Herbert High diploma buried deep in her basement. They bot immediately compared the original with the novelty version produced by Diploma Company and were both the level of resemblance between they two. They said if you stare very closely at each, you can notice subtle differences but nothing that would arouse suspension. They were even more impressed considering the age of Mary's diploma and how knowledgeable the designers and production staff were.

Melanie was so shocked about what Diploma Company had done, that she posted photos of the old certificate and new one on her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. She wrote in the post, “my mom Mary lost her Herbert HS diploma fifty years ago. This site claimed they could replica it. Check out how close they got to it!” followed by the hashtag #amazing and #greatestfindever” The post has gone somewhat viral and many people, some of which old Herbert graduates like her mother, are in disbelief and shock at the quality of work done by the website.

Mary and Melanie happily gave their recommendation, advising those looking to replace a lost or damaged diploma or trying to play a trick on a friend, (which is stated on the company’s website) to check out www.diplomacycompany.com today!

Article disclaimer: The following piece is obviously a parody and satirical. This article uses invented names in its stories, except in cases where a public figure is being satirized. Any other use of real names is accidental and coincidental.