Fake Canada High School Transcripts

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fake canada high school transcripts, fake high school transcripts canada
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Get a set of fake high school transcripts from Canada schools!

We make the best fake high school transcripts! Get them for all Canadian territories and Providences! Printed on security paper like real mark sheets, embossed, signed, featuring highschool classes and more! Amazing quality documents!

No matter where you are in Canada, we can help! This includes Nova Scotia, Northwester Territories, Yukon and beyond! Get for fooling a friend or replacing damaged items, this document is 100% personalized with names, dates for graduation, school information and more. Find complete product details here!

USD $99.00

Please confirm what high school you want. This is important so that we can make sure to use the best resources.

This is the name you want to appear on the document. Please make sure to write it exactly as you want it to appear including full middle names or initials.

Your GPA is the final score average of every class. We typically provide average scores, not too high or not too low, but realistic looking overall grades. If you know of a specific score you must have, choose "Will Provide Exact Score Below" and put it in the actual GPA you want in the order notes at the bottom of this page.

If you don't know the exact date of graduation or passing, just enter the year and we'll fill in an exact date for you.

Please confirm your territory, so we can be sure to use the correct layout for your document.

Confirm your date of birth. This information is common on transcripts and listed as student details.

Most of the time diplomas are presented in a nice leather cover. We stock them, if you want one just request it here. We recommend choosing 216 mm x 279 mm covers unless you requested a large sized document.

This product comes with just one transcript or mark sheet, if you want more than one, request that here.

Please leave any additional notes for our staff, in regards to things you may have left out or couldn't add to your order form above.

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All done? Click "order this" button below to submit your order. Please note that when viewing the next page, your shopping bag, you may be given optons to request a free proof of your order and/or upgrade your diploma's seal to a high quality raised and emobssed seal that you can touch and feel!

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